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The Mountain of Temptation

The Mountain of Temptation

Important Mountains in the Bible: Part 5

Dora Beck


The Mountain of Temptation. Dora Beck. Copyright © 2005 All rights reserved Call of Hope. First edition. 1987. SPB 9001 ENG. English title: The Mountain of Temptation (Booklet 5). German title: Der Berg der Versuchung (Heft 5). Call of Hope. P.O.Box 10 08 27 70007 Stuttgart Germany .

The Mountain of Temptation

God led Jesus into a desert which was full of stones, sand and thorns. In this dreary place, no tree grew. There was no shade for protection from the burning sun during the long day.

Jesus was alone without anyone to talk to. He didn’t stay there for only one day, but for forty days and nights. Hard stones were His pillow and bed.

There was no house where Jesus could find shelter from wild animals. There was no food to eat and no water to drink. Why did God send Jesus to such a place and what should Jesus do there?

How many days did Jesus stay in the desert?

We read in the Gospel that God let Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the devil. Was this temptation necessary? Why should Jesus be tempted by the devil? Jesus had to prove that He was holy and sent by God. He had to show that nothing evil could deceive Him.

The devil has tremendous power which he uses to bring many to his side. Since the time Adam and Eve fell into sin, all mankind has been misled by Satan. They have lost the way to God. But God is merciful and has sent Jesus, who is kind and gentle, to save us from Satan’s power and lies.

The devil tried all tricks to make Jesus sin and disobey God. But all his temptations were in vain because Christ was appointed by God to save all people and destroy the devil’s work.

Why did the devil tempt Jesus? What was God’s purpose in leading Jesus into the desert to be tempted?

Satan is very cunning and has many tricks. He didn’t tempt Jesus during His first days in the desert. He waited until the forty days were over, when Jesus was very thirsty and weak from not having any food for so long. Then the devil came to Jesus and said slyly, If you are the Son of God, just tell this stone to become bread.

Why did Satan wait to tempt Jesus until after the forty days in the desert were over?

Although Jesus was able to perform this miracle, and many others, He didn’t want to attract the people to Him because He could change stones into bread.

Jesus didn’t follow the advice of the devil, but listened and obeyed only the will of God, His heavenly Father. For Jesus, God’s word was like daily bread. From it He gained power, wisdom and strength every day.

For this reason, Jesus answered the devil, It is written: Man does not live on bread alone, but by every word of God.

Whom did Jesus obey?

Satan didn’t give up after his first failure. He tried to make Jesus fall into temptation a second time. So he took Jesus to Jerusalem and made Him stand on the highest point of the temple. Here He could see the marvellous view of the holy city. In the opposite direction was the Mount of Olives high over the Kadrun Valley.

Why didn’t Satan give up tempting Jesus?

As Jesus stood on that high wall with the beautiful view around Him, Satan said to Jesus, If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here. For it is written: He will command his angels concerning you to guard you carefully; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

We see how Satan tried to deceive Jesus! He even used God’s holy word to pull Jesus away from God’s path. Satan is always against God, but uses God’s word after changing the meaning. He hoped Jesus would listen to him and be deceived.

Why did Satan tempt Jesus by using a Bible verse?

Jesus was not willing to win the multitudes by a big demonstration of miracles but preferred to remain meek and humble and to change His followers by His life and death. Christ understood that Satan was trying to trick Him for the second time but didn’t do what the devil wanted. Jesus answered, It is written: Do not put the Lord your God to the test.

This is our only weapon to overcome Satan when he tries to make us sin. We have to face him by saying, It is written, then he will be defeated and must leave us.

What is the weapon we need to overcome Satan?

Satan tried everything possible to make Jesus fall into sin. He tried to tempt Jesus for the third time and led Him to a high mountain. In an instant he showed Him all the kingdoms of the world; all the mountains, valleys, forests, lakes, rivers and fields. He also showed Him all the wealth, glory and power of the world, to create the desire in Him to become rich, great and mighty.

This was the third way Satan tried to deceive Jesus.

What was the purpose of the third temptation?

After Jesus had seen all the glory of the world, the devil turned toward Him and said, I will give you all authority and splendour, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if you worship me, it will all be yours.

This was a tempting offer, but a great challenge too. Was it possible that Jesus would worship Satan? Is it possible for us to believe such a thing? Jesus Christ came to save the people from slavery to Satan. Now Satan tried to attract and win Jesus, that He Himself might submit to the enemy of God.

Did Jesus prefer to possess all the riches of the world or to fulfil God’s will?

Jesus did not want to become rich and powerful by money, He rejected the offer to become an influential politician or businessman. He preferred to remain poor and humble, but filled with the power of God and serving with divine love and truth. So Jesus refused Satan’s offer and commanded him, Get behind me Satan, for it is written: Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.

When Jesus commands, Satan must go away immediately. We read in the gospel, Satan departed from him. Jesus is more powerful than Satan and He will remain the victor for ever.

Who triumphed in the third temptation?

After all his temptations, Satan departed from Jesus and God’s angels came and served Him. The Creator knew that Jesus was in need of strength for His body after the long time of fasting and temptations. So God sent His angels to strengthen Jesus and to assure Him of His union with the Father.

From this we learn that we are not alone in our troubles and temptations. We are neither forgotten nor left alone. Jesus gives us strength to overcome the devil’s tricks. When the tempter sees that we face him with God’s word, as Jesus did, then he will leave us too. For this reason it is very important to learn many verses of God’s living word by heart.

Test Yourself

Fill in the blanks with Jesus' answers to Satan

Can You Find the Secret Word?

Answer the questions in the columns across and you will find an important word in connection with this booklet. The secret word will be found column nine going down.


  1. What does not grow in the desert?

  2. What is hard to find in the desert?

  3. What is the name of the city where Satan took Jesus to tempt him?

  4. Who does Christ want to save from the devil’s power?

  5. How many days was Jesus in the desert?

  6. Who tried to tempt Jesus three times?

  7. What did the devil ask Jesus to turn into bread?

  8. Where did the devil take Jesus to show Him the kingdoms of the world?

  9. Whom should we worship?

  10. Who came to serve Jesus after Satan left?


If you have already answered the questions on the previous page, then you will easily answer the following questions. Send your answers to us and we will send the next booklet of this series to you.

  1. How many days did Jesus stay in the desert?

  2. Why did the devil tempt Jesus? What was God’s purpose in leading Jesus into the desert to be tempted?

  3. Why did Satan wait to tempt Jesus until the forty days in the desert were over?

  4. Whom did Jesus obey?

  5. Why didn’t Satan give up tempting Jesus?

  6. Why did Satan tempt Jesus by using Bible verses?

  7. What is the weapon we need to overcome Satan?

  8. What was the purpose of the third temptation?

  9. Did Jesus prefer to possess all the riches of the world or to fulfil God’s will?

  10. Who triumphed in the third temptation?

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